More than an initiative.
A movement.

A movement which celebrates, supports and elevates women in sports, today and always.


At HER SPORTS SUMMIT we dream of a world where women in the sports industry not only compete on a level playing field, but also lead and transform the game. We envision a future where every woman in sports feels empowered, seen and instrumental to the industry's evolution.


Our purpose is to challenge the status quo and rebuild the landscape of sport. We are committed to being the driving force that inspires women to break down barriers, overcome limits and break the glass ceilings that still persist in the sports world. Through connection, empowerment and visibility, we work tirelessly to ensure that women's voices are not only heard, but also celebrated and have a decisive impact. We are driven by a mission full of purpose. We believe in the power of stories to broaden perspectives and change the world for women in the sports industry.


To empower: Providing women in sports with the tools, resources and networks necessary to grow, lead and thrive.

To connect: Fostering a meaningful and collaborative networking space where women can share experiences, learn from each other, and strengthen their careers.

To inspire: Being a beacon of inspiration through powerful stories and examples of women who have left an indelible mark on the sports industry..

To showcase: Increasing the visibility of women's achievements in sport, celebrating each triumph and each step forward towards equality.


We will use a distinctive approach for every action we take, from inspiring conferences and practical workshops, to strategic partnerships with brands and companies that share our vision.

We seek to break traditional boundaries by offering brands a unique opportunity to engage with women through innovation and exceptional collaborations.


Call to Action

We invite every woman in the sports industry, change-makers, emerging leaders and established trailblazers, to join us on this transformative journey. Together we can redefine the meaning of success in sports, charting a path that allows future generations to reach even greater heights.